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Welcome to Diga-Talk

Finally a digital communication system built for business! The Diga-Talk system is an all-digital wide area system providing seamless automatic roaming. Take the often-abused cellular phone out of your employee's hands. Replace cellular with Diga-Talk and get your business done. Diga-Talk securely communicates only with the Diga-talk units in your business. No more unwanted calls from outside your company!

Our Technology
Diga-Talk uses cutting-edge state of the art equipment giving you the communications tool your business can depend on. All digital means no analog anywhere.

Diga-Talk is available also with encrypted secure communication. No more eavesdropping of your sensitive business communications!

Diga-Talk offers inherent security against casual electronic eavesdropping via its NXDN(R) digital air interface. It also includes NXDN(R) voice & data scrambling for security against external threats while providing confidentiality within the same system and talk group. Inter-network links are further secured through encrypted VPN tunneling. Also Diga-Talk can automatically validate individual subscriber radio hardware by ESN (a unique factory-embedded Electronic Serial Number ) rather than changing the system's unit and group ID lists in the event a unit is lost, stolen, or removed permanently or temporarily from service.

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